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Question 2k usd build, intel or amd


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Oct 3, 2010
I have a friend I am looking to do a build for. Here is a list I have picked out so far: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JTKKk6. Budget is around 2k, don't mind spending more if it would be worth it. Do mostly gaming and general multitasking. Typically whatever he gets, he doesn't upgrade for several years.

Now I know the 3000 series video cards are supposed to be released sometime around june. But with all this virus stuff going on, we both wonder if either the release date gets delayed and/or the prices of parts will go up. No matter what he gets, it will be a big improvement over what he has now. He currently uses a laptop with an i7 3000 series cpu, nvidia 650m gpu.

He has always been an intel guy but I know amd could be a better option mainly because of the price. If I go with the intel 9900k, would he be better off with liquid cooling? He doesn't plan on overclocking but that doesn't mean he never will. Myself, I am kind of leary of liquid around computer parts, fear of something happening. I also realize that something like that is likely not to happen.

Would like to have a motherboard that has wifi.

Figured I would go with a full tower case because space is not an issue and figured these high end components would be a little tight in a mid tower.

He doesn't really need a 2nd hard drive. A 1tb drive will be more than he will ever need.