2022 Thinkpad X13 vs T14s ( AMD ryzen 7 )


Jun 20, 2007
After all these years, I am finally going back to Thinkpad. I never had a brand preference and would usually move in the direction of the sweet spot, which was for me a premium laptop build quality around 1k$

I had X and then T series laptops.

Then switched to the Macbook Air, since nothing would come close to it.

And finally my current daily, Surface Laptop 3, the first time Microsoft did a premium laptop right. It was also one of the few sporting the Iris Plus graphics package.

Now I am very excited with Ryzen 7. Especially the Pro version with the 680M. Looks like it will be my first AMD since the good ol Athlon 64 :) Its unbeatable on literally every aspect, efficiency, power, graphics, battery life. I will probably be dual booting Ubuntu also.

I travel a lot and 13/14" ultra compacts are my preference. But this year, it seems the X13 and T14s are basically sharing the same internal, I read somewhere they have the same motherboard actually. I am trying to find if there are other differences, like build quality, but it seems to be extremely similar.

What are you thoughts?