Question 2019 Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop - better than 2018?


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Oct 26, 1999
I got my son a 2018 Acer Gaming Laptop for Christmas last year. Now my other kid is saving for one as well and I saw a newer 2019 version listed on the Acer and Best Buy websites. Not looking for the super top-end again, but good bang for the buck. From what it looks like the 2019 has a little smaller form factor, but all the same specs with the newer processor, but slightly lower GPU. I could get kid #2 the same exact model as well. But comparing these two specific models, which is the better one to get? Thanks!

2018: AN515-53-55G9

2019: AN515-54-54W2

Side-by-Side Comparison Link


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Oct 1, 2004
Would depend on if the game is cpu dependent. I don’t think in a laptop the difference between the ti and the non ti would be monumental.


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Nov 21, 2005
...2019 laptop graphics card lost a GB of vRAM, and sh!tty BB website claims the 2018 version with the Ti graphics is a 2-1 laptop, lol...

Intel Gen 6-9 hasn't really had huge leaps in performance gains, from generational upgrades.

I'd say maybe most individuals are practically paying for similar performance. I wouldn't lose sleep spending an extra $70 for a newer computer though, so I'd probably opt for the 2019 laptop of the two.

If it was up to me though, I'd just upgrade to a Geforce 1060 laptop. If creeping up at the $1K mark, just go all out and get a $1200 laptop, finance it if you don't have the money up front. No point in trying to save a few hundred dollars for sub-par performance, especially limited storage capacity (embarrassing, considering many games can take around 5GB - 100GB of storage/per title with DLC and expansion content, and of course the OS needs available SSD swap space to function properly with Windows).
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Mar 15, 2007
id go with a used acer with 1060 or better yet DELL! :) the newer cpu and lesser gfx will increase battery life in theory tho.
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