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2017 Sale Busting: Knife Center


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Mar 30, 2005
Time of year has come when various retailers run fake sales (promotions?) to attract shoppers, if not buyers. If you are aware of what prices the sale items usually command, you can help your fellow consumer by pointing out faux sales. Put that time spent monitoring prices to use!

In "sale busting" threads you can call out retailers pretending to offer good deals. Reverse deal-spotting, basically.

It's ok to use other retailers' prices to assess market value.
I don't know if there are any rules on links. (No retailer is going to sign on to these forums, to link us to fake sales.)

As indicated by the thread title - THIS THREAD is for "sales" on Knifecenter.com, through year end.

There's a Halloween Sale on Boker knives over at KnifeCenter.com. Problem is, it's not a sale. The Bokers listed are 10%-15% overpriced. Granted I don't know the usual prices of all 352 Bokers offered, but my sub-sample of 10 models (models I'm familiar with) indicates inflated prices, hyped as a deal. We can extrapolate that the rest aren't discounts either.

I will add that KnifeCenter seems to have bumped prices across the board this year. No longer are they competitive on various knife brands like Condor or Boker. Shop elsewhere.