2 x GTX690s 3DMK11 probs


Junior Member
Mar 21, 2013
I've got a 690 and had the chance to borrow another to just see how far I could go on my RIVE with 3960X and 16Gb ram. I know it's overkill in the real world and everybody is moving to Titan and 3DMK13, but I couldn't resist the offer to just..............:p.

I'm using EVGA PrecisionX to clock the cards but even at default PrecisionX only recognised a tri sli config. I did the Google waltz and got the system (NVidia cntl panel/win7 64) to show 4 gpus but 3DMK11 refuses to recognize more than 3 gpus. Reinstalled 3DMK11 and NVidia drivers. Still the same.

Any help appreciated.