1TB Seagate Internal HDD $27.99 shipped, refurbished, price good Sept. 21 only Newegg

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Jan 23, 2007
1TB Seagate internal HDD for $27.99 shipped, refurbished, price good Sept. 21 only
Newegg has a 30% off promo code: EMCAXKW27

Which applies to the 1 TB Seagate Barracuda internal hard drive, giving a shipped price
of just $27.99

(just search for ST31000528AS on Newegg.com)

Warranty is 90 days

- Add 1 year extended replacement for $5, 2 years for $10

According to the date code, these are 5 years old

If, like me, you have & use old hard drives, these might be for you. I currently have a 14 year old hard drive I use for MAME, plus a couple of 10 year old hard drives that I'm still using with cheap IDE to SATA adapters. A 5 year old hard drive seems kind of new to me.

Still, this might be best for something like a Steam game system for the kids, where games are backed up to the cloud regularly.

If you buy the drive, definitely run Seatools and something like Anvil's Storage Utilities right away to torture test the drive. If it passes, then you can probably count on getting some decent use out of it for a while. If not, then you know to rma the drive without wasting time on it.

7200 RPM
32 Megabyte cache
4 heads, 2 platters
latency: 4.16 milliseconds
average seek write: <9.5 milliseconds
average seek read: <8.5 milliseconds
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