1st & 2nd builds having problems.


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Mar 31, 2006
First of all, I have not flashed bios for either pc as I have no clue what that does nor how to do it...

Ok, I just recently built my own pc lets say about 6 months ago. From the start, I had video problems. I either got no video on my monitor whatsoever, which means no bios or anything, but I could hear windows starting up, or, it worked fine. Then, one day, it just crapped out. So, using my old PC(prebuilt emachines) with a custom video card, I tried every part I could on the new pc by swapping everything out except for the ram and the processor cause intel(old) vs amd(new) and old crappy ram compared to current pc3200.

So, after much deliberation and thought, I returned the motherboard and video card as they came together as a set, and got both replaced. When I got the new mobo/vcard, I installed em, and everythign worked perfectly for 2 months. Then it crapped out again. I've email newegg regarding this issue, and talked with numerous people about this, and I can't find why it's doing this. Here are the specs for my newly built PC:

Rosewill R114A-BLK 2-Tone Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Rosewill 400W ATX with P4 support, 20-pin Main connector Power Supply

Foxconn NF4K8AB-RS PX6200TC Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX Motherboard/VGA Set

AMD Sempron 3100+ Palermo 800MHz HT Socket 754 Processor Model

CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model

And my previously used Seagate HDD's which are 40gb(main) and 160gb(sec)

I dont hear any beeps from this pc but i cant see a speaker anywhere on the mobo.

2nd issue...

My roomate wanted a new pc, so he picked out all the parts he needed and wanted for his pc, which came to about $1k with monitor and everything, and mine was about $350 w/o a monitor.

Needless to say, I was dealing with some high tech expensive ****** compared to mine.

Knowing this was my 2nd build, and the first one screwed up, both my roomate and I were weary of me building it for him.

So, this build took me aprox 2 hours... after finding all the jumpers, and setting up the Sata hdd and windows...

After all this, the pc worked fine. It started up very fast, in fact, the fastest I've used thus far. I installed steam(hl, cs, dod etc), roomate installed il2 sturmovik and we started playing. Well, I had updated the drivers for the 9800pro he already had before buying the pc, and he decided he needed the cataylst controller. I get a stop error most of the time I start the pc. Meaning, i get a blue screen of death, then it shuts down, and the only way I can get it to start up is if i go thru safe mode, then delete all the drivers and the ati controller system. But then I have to reinstall these drivers and the same stuff happens again and again...

anywho, the specs of his pc are as follows:
(not sure exact specs)
Coolermaster case 350w psu
AMD Athlon X2 3800+ processor
Gigabyte mobo with agp and 5 pci slots and 4 memory slots with up to 8gb allowable memory.
1 gb ram(2 sticks) set to dual channel Geil ram.
250gb sata hd Maxtor

I hear 2 diff beeps when the pc starts up. and the video card requires power from the power supply.
I can pull up bios on this pc so i can get all the info needed, and if also needed, i could theoretically hook all his pc stuff to my mobo and try that as its all compatible cept for the vid card/his mobo.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

sorry if this was to vague, im kind of in a rush. ill check back later and see if i can add any addtl info on the specs/what ive done so far. Thanks.


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Dec 13, 2003
For the first issue, did you try a good power supply other than the crappy Rosewill? Skimping on the PSU is always a bad idea.

For the 2nd issue, I would try using older ATI drivers, I've had trouble with the newer ones myself. Also again, a 350w generic PSU that comes with the case is not a good idea.


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Sep 6, 2003
For the first issue, what does 'crapping out' mean? BSOD, won't boot up? Not that helpful information. Test your RAM with memtest86 to check that is ok and try installing another graphics card to override the onboard. I had no end of issues with my cousins NForce2 integrated graphics I gave up and bought a separate graphics card to make it work.

For the second issue just uninstall the Catalyst Control Centre and use the regular drivers. There is a low-bandwidth download at ATi with just the driver. That ought to fix it. The graphics card is so outdated now that CCC probably wouldn't improve performance and if it did it's negligable. Otherwise try replacing the graphics card with something else (it's due an upgrade anyway) and it will probably work fine. For the record, CCC took out my PC as well (when I was using a 9800 Pro) when I installed it and I had to remove it the same way.