19-20" Question


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Oct 22, 2004
I have reviewed the LCD buyers guide and some other threads on this forum, but I still find I have a few questions.

One of my questions is whether or not I should go 19"-20"lcd. I am building a new computer in April, but don't want to spend 300$ on a graphics card. I was thinking of getting the 8600gts, or maybe the 320mb 8800 gts. So my question is whether I should go with the 20", or would I be safer to go with the 19" as it will last me longer. I do not plan on replacing my gfx card anytime soon, but i am not a hardcore gamer either.

The next question I have is if any of you know of a good monitor for text/ normal web-browsing/gaming. I wanted to go with the Dell 2007wfp, especially since it has height adjustment, but I do not want to go with the panel lottery. I was then thinking of going with a ViewSonic VX2025WM, but is there something newer I could buy instead? The Acer AL2051W also crossed my mind since the text reproduction was suppoosed to be good as well as its uses for multimedia, but the glossy screen puts me off. I use my computer in a room with lots of lighting so I was thinking the glare would be bad? Is that true?

Do any of you have any reccomendations for a good monitor. Preferably my monitor would

1.) Have height adjustment (HUGE plus for me, makes me want to go with dell)
2.) monitor that reproduces text well. I read a lot of documents/ web browse/ and read on my computer most of the time
3.) I want to do some light-med gaming on my comp

Edit: Currently own a Dell Utrasharp 17" monitor. Any help would be appreciated.