140mm/120mm case fan recommendations


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Jul 2, 2001
I have not really followed the computer thing for a while.

Can some experienced people recommend some top 140mm case fans and 120mm cpu cooler fans? Just for my own info so I can look towards specific brands or models for good 140mm case fans and 120mm cpu fan. I am looking for low noise but good cfm of course.

Noctua is already on my list, but they are expensive. I do not care about the money that much, but id rather not spend $60-80 to get 3 fans for my computer. Something close to Noctua in cfm, low noise and quality for half the price or less would be ideal. :)

Any help appreciated.

Doing quick google searches, heres some top(apparently) rated ones I have looked at.

- Noctua NF-F12 PWM Cooling Fan and all the rest of Noctua FLX, etc...

- ARCTIC F12 Silent - Ultra-Quiet 120 mm Case Fan

- Corsair Air Series AF120 LED Quiet Edition High Airflow Fan Twin Pack

- Thermaltake Riing 12 Series Blue High Static Pressure 120mm Circular LED Ring Case/Radiator Fan with Anti-Vibration Mounting System Cooling CL-F038-PL12BU-A

- Corsair ML140 Pro, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Cooling Fan CO-9050045-WW (Expensive)
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May 4, 2000
My case fans are a combination of Noctua (NF-A14 PWM) intakes and Phanteks (PH-F140XP) for the exhaust fans.

Although, if you want to save a few bucks, I bought some of the Noctua Redux NF-P14s redux-1200 PWM for my son's PC, and they are good as well.

As far as "cheap" fans, a lot of people like the Artic F14 series (they have several different versions under that series), but they are all under $10.


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Sep 28, 2005
Arctic F series are the BEST fans for its price range.
Unless you can find Yate Loons for cheap, which cheap no longer exist... :(


Jul 15, 2018
Depends, if you wan't to overclock but don't mind the noise then go with Noctua and set it to high fan speed. If your not going to OC or want a small OC then Arctic F will be the one for you.


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Jul 2, 2001
Thanks for the input. Right now I am leaning towards Noctua and/or Artics. I have to figure out which is intake, exhaust and/or cpu fan. I was also intrigued reading about the Corsair ML140 Pro, 140mm fans. Kind of like the magnetic levitation idea, but some say they do get loud after a certain point. So I would need to know at what point that would be. Also Silent Wings 3 seem to be fairly popular as well.

Anyways, those are my short list at the moment.