Question 14” Printer/Scanners: How Easy to do 17” Compositing?


Apr 18, 2010
I’m looking to buy a long overdue printer/14” scanner for home use. I’d always be doing a lot more scanning than printing but I’ve been spoiled all these years on print quality from the big HP laser printer in my office, and monochrome printing is all I need.

The problem is that a lot of my home scanning jobs will be from 17” originals. But as you can see laser printers which can scan directly from 17” originals are quite pricey.

Can anyone say from experience if one or more HP or other brand laser printer models and which software really makes it a snap to wed two different scans comprising the total 17” image seamlessly together?

If yes, please specify which model printer and software.


Jun 2, 2000
I have a Brother MFC-8700DW bought in 2020 (still listed on Amazon but a lot more than I paid, but that's modern life). It has a 14 inch bed but if I feed legal size documents through the paper feeder it does legal size scans seamlessly. For scanning (on any equipment) I use NAP2, a freeware program that is remarkably simple and easy to use (known as Not Another PDF Scanner 2) which I highly recommend. I've done many scan packages of mixed letter and legal size docs.

Another advantage of this printer is generic toner is available for about one third the cost.

If you do a lot of both legal and legal size printing you may want to invest in the optional second paper tray. For occasional legal size use you can likely get by with using one tray and the multifeed slot.

I've been using this model (or its predecessor) for about a decade in a print and scan intensive business and been very happy. Initially I had a similar HP machine, but I relegated that to backup use until it died. As far as I could tell the Brother scanned as well as the HP.