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120hz vs IPS

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Jul 26, 2011
No point arguing which is better. Everyone has their own preferences. 120 Hz TN will be better for gaming if you dont mind the terrible image quality. Otherwise if you care the slightest about how your desktop and other non gaming activities look then definitely an IPS over TN. Even the best 120Hz TN (samsung S27950D) looks like trash next to the cheapest dell E-IPS screen (U2311h). The difference is night and day. Get a 120Hz TN only if you can stand grossly inaccurate colors, grayish blacks and back light bleeding.
Exactly my thoughts.....for anything but gaming a 120hz TN panel isn't even in the same ballpark as a good IPS/PLS panel.
May 13, 2009
Could you explain why? I've looked into 120hz monitors myself and don't really understand how this is a problem.
It's not for me.

Biggest thing I notice is when using the computer regularly. I just reinstalled windows (new motherboard) and I noticed the mouse lag and everything just seemed jerky. I couldn't figure it out but I knew something was off. It finally hit me that it must of been running at 60hz. Sure enough it was. I just can't go back to that.


Dec 12, 2001
So if you're not getting 100fps in a particular game...say Battlefield 3, it's not a problem on 120hz? I'm not sure I even understand what the issue would be if you were vsync at 120hz and were getting only 67fps.


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Dec 14, 2011
Each has their place.

120hz is clearly better for online FPS and the like, and people tend to over exaggerate the IQ differences. High end gaming panels llike VG278H have great IQ despite being TN. These panels also provide the perk of 3D, which is actually good in some titles.

IPS 1440/1600 panels are great for slower paced games, where the camera isnt constantly moving, like some slower RPG titles. In motion though, like FPS games, even the cateaps @100hz look horrid compared to quality 120hz displays. But there are some titles that I prefer on IPS, and others on 120hz TN, and even some on HDTV.

To me, it depends a lot on the game as to which display is better.


Jul 14, 2005
Does the lucidlogix virtu MVP latest version make this a moot point? From what I read, the problem with 60hz is that 60hz becomes the input polling frequency from keyboard and mouse. With virtu MVP you are deshackling the input from the output and so lag decreases? Again this is only if you are getting more 60fps from your gig in the first place?