12-pack Vision Elite Micro Pens (Red) $7.53 shipped with Prime (not in stock)

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Jul 11, 2002
Uni-ball Vision Elite Stick Micro Point Roller Ball Pens, 12 Red Ink Pens (69022)

When you click the link, look at the "compare" list on the right, and the Prime-eligible low price will be on top.

This is a weird deal, but to me it's smoking hot. I use only red pens at work (I do a lot of editing of printed text, so red stands out, and no one else uses red pens, so I know right away if something at work was written by me or not -- if it's not in red, I didn't write it).

12-packs of these pens usually cost more than $25, so this is SMOKING hot for me. The only catch is that they won't ship for a while (my delivery is estimated at May 9-May 24), but each pens lasts at least a few weeks and I have several in my current box to tide me over, so it's not big deal. I just stocked up on 36 pens, which is more than a year's worth for me.

TL;DR: If you love these pens and you don't need them right now, this deal is on fire.
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