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1080p gaming rig graphics card question

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Sep 5, 2003
Are AMDs quiet, stock? My 7970 is not.

I'd like a very quiet card. I'd rather not have to modify it afterwards to get quiet. Thanks!
It depends on the card. Some 7970s, 290/290X are very quiet. Some 970 and 670s are very loud. The MSI gaming is quieter than any EVGA, doesn't matter if it's AMD or NV. The MSI Gaming 290 at $251 is a way better deal than MSI Gaming 970. The latter costs 40% more for just 10% more performance. It will take 5-10 years to make up that kind of difference in electricity costs. As I said if 7970 suits your needs, just pick up a Corsair H55 with NZXT bracket or find a used Accelero. Those are extremely quiet. That will let you use the 7970 for another 12 months and cards like 980 will drop a lot more than $80-90 in 12 months. That means it's worth it to upgrade the cooler. Alternatively you can sell the 7970 for $150 and pick up a 290 for $251. That's an even better stop gap solution instead of $100 cooler.