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10/15/08 The Last Debate


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Oct 14, 2001
I liked the format of this debate a lot more than the previous ones. Each was given a good amount of time to speak and respond.

I really wish we could get some more information on some of the less 'headliner' policies, but I guess that's not what this is really about.

In my opinion, McCain wasn't listening or didn't care. Obama corrected him on several occasions about taxes, health care, but McCain would continue to say the same false statements. I thought the claims about the negative ads by Obama against McCain. I don't recall seeing any ads by Obama claiming McCain was a terrorist. But every ad by McCain against Obama has been borderline slander.

Can't wait for this whole thing to be over. Two years is a long build up.

Thread already in progress in the sticky at the top of this forum. You are more than welcome to copy paste your thoughts there.

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Jul 31, 2004

Seriously, you didn't think that, of all sections in this forum, the P&N section did not have a thread for the DUH-BATE, did ya?