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  1. brainhulk

    What modern slang that is becoming mainstream are you annoyed with?

    Not a fan of clap back. It seems more and more of the internet is using it. It's annoying...
  2. Zeze

    Wow. This technique WORKS for my anxiety

    I can't find the youtube vid of some young therapist sharing a technique in cognitive behavioral therapy. Lately I'm been getting worried a lot with kids and my job. I think it exasperated my anxiety. So I'm not doing too hot at my job right now and it's causing me lots of stress. The...
  3. Zeze

    I know very little about these boards, was another board overhaul needed?

    It's pretty jarring. I was just getting used to the last face lift... What was the reason behind it? There are already several threads about the software change. I'm sure you can find one and post in it. admin allisolm
  4. IronWing

    “Let that sink in.”

    Piss off. If your point is worthy of pondering there is no need to instruct the reader. Full stop.
  5. IronWing

    I was wrong

    Jack's is better pizza than Tombstone.
  6. IronWing

    I know I will probably be flamed, but what does Pol Pot really do for you?

    I get the part about liberating the countryside of bourgeoisie oppressors and giving power to the peasants but since most of us are bourgeoisie urban dwellers I don't see the appeal. I guess if you offer LASIK services, Pol Pot would be good for business but that's a pretty small minority.
  7. IronWing

    What if the voices in your head are literally voices in your head?

    Mouths, complete with tongues and vocal chords, whispering into your ears from the inside? You don't have sinus trouble, it's just that those mouths take up room. That would be bothersome, I think.
  8. IronWing

    Is The Onion targeted at Gen-Xers?

    I think it is. The Onion came on the scene as a college paper when Gen X-ers were in college and many of the cultural references are about stuff other people might not get. ☐ Yes, The Onion is primarily targeted at Gen X sensibilities. ☐ No, The Onion is a purveyor of broad spectrum humor. ☑...
  9. IronWing

    Is zero odd, even, something else, or nothing?

    ATOT must come to consensus.
  10. IronWing

    Are thumb drives still a thing?

    I tend to stick with what works until the ports disappear but I was thinking that maybe thumb drives have run their course and that other forms of file sharing have displaced them. What sayeth the bleeding edge of technology? <== still carries a USB to serial port dongle.
  11. IronWing

    What is the best kind of music?

    There can be only one.
  12. IronWing

    Should I put email from an upper level manager in the spam can?

    One upper level manager keeps sending out chain mail level garbage to all employees. If enough of his emails get tagged as spam, he should eventually get filtered automatically. What sayth ATOT, shall this be done?
  13. IronWing

    Dot to dot fun!

    Connect the dots to make cool picture! . . . . . ... ...... ....... ......... ........ ...... ......... .... ...... .... ....
  14. IronWing

    Do you answer polls or just post comments in poll threads?

    Does it matter if your answer is publicly viewable?
  15. IronWing

    Do you own a pickle fork?

    Just trying to help Zeze out here.