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  1. P

    Discussion What would you say to this person?

    My not-tech-savvy friend asked me to help building him a new PC for streaming and gaming. I told him that he is just in time, Ryzen 3000 is coming. He thought about it and said he refuses to build a Ryzen-based PC and also refuses to wait for 2 weeks for the reviews, he wants to build and...
  2. CatMerc

    Predictions for Ryzen/EPYC nodes and products into 2021

    I've been thinking about how Zen, Zen+, Zen 2, and Zen 3, all relate to each other. A leaked slide from AMD points to AMD taking a sort of tick tock approach, only naming it "inflection" and "optimization". This has been semi-confirmed by James Prior mentioning it. According to this cadence, we...
  3. M

    Selecting best RAM for Ryzen 2600

    Hi! I am sorry for a bit noob question - I want to find and finely tune the fastest RAM possible for Ryzen Zen+ 2600 in the ITX case (Cryorig Taku or SilverStone SG13). So my questions are following: 1) What ITX X470 motherboard to choose to get most from the RAM? I am thinking between ASUS...
  4. Vattila

    Speculation: The CCX in Zen 2

    Hi all, it has been some exciting months in the CPU space since the Ryzen launch, with more to come before year end. However, I am already very curious about how AMD will evolve the Zen core with the upcoming 7nm Zen 2 next year — in particular how the CCX will be configured. There is a similar...