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  1. DatOrDis

    Solved! Impossible to find RTX 3090?

    I'm hopeless. Looked at every single place to find just two RTX 3090s. The Saturn shop in my City says one must pre-order, and wait around 1 month. The other sells 1 for double the price. Does Nvidia gonna do something about this? Where I can look? I want to just buy 2 units. Thx.
  2. B

    Question Power draw of an RTX 3060 Ti

    Hi guys, will a 1U Flex 400watts Gold PSU be able to power up the Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 3060 Ti? I have read that the power draw of the 3060 Ti is 200w. I am planning on building an ITX rig.
  3. K

    Question AMD Ryzen 5000 - AVAILABILITY

    Has AMD commented about availability of the new 5000 series processors? Should it be better than the last time? Here in Czechia at launch only 1 retailer had them in stock, 5950X and 5900X went quickly, 5800X and 5600X held a little bit longer but in about half an hour all were gone. None to be...