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  1. ultimatebob

    Coolcoin Art Contest!

    I feel like giving out some Coolcoin, so I'm going to have an art contest to determine the winner. For this contest, the subject will be: "Brianmanahan is awesome" I'll bet that some of you were expecting that to be the subject. All submissions need to be completed in Microsoft Paint and...
  2. ultimatebob

    The Echo Loop, what's the deal with this thing?

    So, I saw that amazon.com is selling this new widget called the Echo Loop, which is basically an Amazon Echo on a ring. Judging from Amazon's past "success" with mobile products, I bet that this thing has about 20 minutes of battery life and can only be heard when it's about six inches away...
  3. ultimatebob

    How come we haven't done our own anti-China/pro Hong Kong publicity stunt yet?

    If I learned anything by reading Reddit for the past few weeks, it's that we need to post more anti Chinese and pro Hong Kong protestor propaganda here to attract millennial viewers to this site. You know, the folks who will view this site on mobile without an Adblocker, and help bring in all...
  4. ultimatebob

    What did you WANT for Christmas, but didn't get?

    I'm going to try a different tact on the "what did you get for Christmas" topic, and make a post about what you actually WANTED for Christmas but didn't get. I think that complaining about not getting what you really wanted for Christmas is an official part of the Kwanzaa tradition. When you...
  5. ultimatebob

    Hey guys... we got our own cryptocurrency now!

    I created a new cryptocurrency called ATOTcoin, which is based off Ethereum. I felt jealous that Reddit has their own crypto tipping system, so I decided to make my own cryptocurrency to award cool posts made here and on other tech forums. I'm still debating what the ATOT should stand for...
  6. ultimatebob

    So... where will Bitcoin be at the end of 2018?

    Since there seem to be a bunch of Bitcoin fans and Bitcoin haters in this forum, I figured that I'd put up this question just to see what comes up. The "winner" at the end of 2018 gets bragging rights, assuming that they posted their response before 2018 starts and they didn't edit it at any...
  7. ultimatebob

    Is this oil going to hurt my engine?

    I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco with 105,000 miles and a pretty nasty oil leak due to a leaking rear main seal. It's a piece of crap, and my local stealership wants $2,000 to replace the seal. I told them to pound sand, obviously. I can get a lot of oil for $2,000. Thanks to the leak, I lose...
  8. ultimatebob

    Have you ever been assigned to a project that's doomed to fail?

    Have you ever found yourself assigned to a project at work that's pretty much doomed to failure? It's for a new software product that nobody on the team seems to know, yet they have the due date for project completion set for 90 days from now. The project also has a 5 person team, where half...
  9. ultimatebob

    Dirt Cheap NAS server

    I have a friend who wants to build himself a NAS server as cheaply as possible, like under $200. It doesn't have a have a ton of storage... 2 TB to start out with would be fine. Does anyone have some recommendations on how to do this? He's currently been looking at used servers on eBay to...
  10. ultimatebob

    Old Servers from an Auction Site?

    I stumbled on this weird liquidation auction site in Washington that is unloading a bunch of higher end server hardware. One of the more interesting pages was this list of servers: https://murphyauction.hibid.com/catalog/116594/audience-science-only-only/?cpage=13&ipp=25 Some of these servers...
  11. ultimatebob

    Breaking Up California Into Three States?

    It looks like someone is trying to break up California into three states again: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article168118272.html This breakup map doesn't make any sense to me. Who's crazy idea was it to lump the ultra liberal Silicon Valley and San Francisco...
  12. ultimatebob

    Where is the 2017 Black Friday forum?

    The deals are already getting posted! We are behind this year!
  13. ultimatebob

    Is it time to update the Black Friday 2016 forum with a Black Friday 2017 one?

    It's that time of year again, where the 2017 "Holiday" sales start popping up. Should we update the Black Friday forum in preparation for when the deals start getting announced? Maybe we shouldn't even call it "Black Friday" anymore, since they start selling Christmas stuff in September now.
  14. ultimatebob

    Post a Picture Of Your Workplace Thread

    Ya know, we haven't had a good "post a picture of your workplace" thread in awhile. I'll start by posting mine: They really need to get some new cubicles where I work.
  15. ultimatebob

    South Korea tells Trump that they were never part of China

    I found this story amusing: https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-04-20/south-korea-tells-trump-it-s-actually-never-been-a-part-of-china Now, technically, Trump is right here. Parts of what is now South Korea were briefly occupied by the Chinese during Korean War. That's probably...
  16. ultimatebob

    AMD "Naples" Server processors

    I didn't see a specific thread on AMD's new "Naples" server processors based off of the Zen core, so I decided to create one. Here are the specs: http://wccftech.com/amd-zen-naples-server-cpu-vega-gpu-platform/...
  17. ultimatebob

    Looks like Amazon S3 is down

    If you have a site that relies on amazon S3 for file storage (like mine), you're probably down right now: https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/28/amazon-aws-s3-outage-is-breaking-things-for-a-lot-of-websites-and-apps/ It seems to be impacting other AWS services that rely on S3 as well. I'll bet that...
  18. ultimatebob

    It's 2017: Where is my personal robot?

    Is it just me, or are you disappointed that nobody has really tried updating those "personal robot" products that were popular in the 1980's? Back then, they were basically robot shaped RC cars with lights and a crude voice synthesizer. If you wanted it to get you a sammich, you had to bust out...
  19. ultimatebob

    Travel Time Estimator

    So, I've been throwing around this idea of a travel time estimator that takes the travel estimate that Google Maps gives you and adds all of the things that Google doesn't take into account like gas stops and bathroom breaks. It seems to give a more realistic estimate of how long it will take...
  20. ultimatebob

    Cron scheduling question

    I'm trying to schedule a Linux cron job that runs a software update on about 20 systems around 2 AM. I don't want them run all at the same time, though, because they'll kill the update server if they all run at once. Does anybody know of a way to add a randomizer to the time when a cron job...
  21. ultimatebob

    Anybody know how to look up court records in New Hampshire?

    I have an odd request. Does anyone know of a free site that lets you look court records by name in New Hampshire? I have a naughty relative that I'm trying to track down.
  22. ultimatebob

    What would you put in this old barn?

    There is this guy who lives down the street from me who renovated his 1,500 sq foot barn into an "art gallery" and has been trying to rent it for the past few months. He started around $800 a month, and has dropped the price several times. It's now just $500 a month, and I can't help but wonder...
  23. ultimatebob

    Time to rename the Black Friday forum?

    We're quickly coming up on that time of year when the early "holiday sales" start showing up. Do you think that we should rename the Black Friday 2015 forum to something like Holiday Deals 2016 this year?
  24. ultimatebob

    3GB GTX 1060 Benchmarks?

    Has any review site done benchmarks for the new $199 3GB version of the GTX 1060? I'm curious how much of a performance difference there is between the 3 GB and 6 GB cards.