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  1. Josephraj

    Question Xbox Power Supply issue how to fix it?

    I Have a xbox one console which is from USA, I bring it to India , yesterday I try to switch on the plug after connection tv with xbox console , A spark occur in the plug holder and the power shutdown in my house only, (power trip ), Again I try by power extension cable again the same fault...
  2. S

    Dualshock 4 on Xbox One

    Not entirely sure if this is legal or whatever, and I know it'll void the warranties but they expired years ago I recently (today) broke my xbox one remote due to water damage and its irreparable, but I have a spare DS4. Wanted to see if its possible to reprogram the DS4 to be an xbox one...
  3. Grooveriding

    Dark Souls 1 Remaster coming to PC May 25th (Also PS4, XBONE, Switch) This is badass.