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Forum discussion tagged with x86.
  1. Vattila

    Speculation: i9-9900K is Intel's last hurrah in gaming

    Independent test results for Intel's 8-core i9-9900K are just around the corner, and the general consensus and expectations are that it will put Intel further in the lead with the "world's best gaming processor". However, like most technology analysts and avid followers of x86 CPU architecture...
  2. D

    Speculating: nVIDIA CPU and x86 emulated Windows

    Taking the example of Vatilla series of speculations, I started to tought, nVIDIA will return this time for the emulated Windows 10, in order to compete against Qualcomm? This article indicated that nVIDIA initially declined...
  3. H

    Are laptops powered by the snapdragon 835 capable of playing DirectX 9 games?

    Qualcomm and Microsoft say their new x86 emulation is so efficient it can run Windows and x86 programs at near native speed. But can it actually run any DirectX 9 games or does each game need to be individually rewritten to work on the 835 x86 emulator? Qualcomm said their Adreno GPUs are...
  4. N

    x86 and ARM benchmark

    x86 and ARM benchmark. The Geekbench benchmark now provides us a good opportunity to compare CPU performance of different systems. I suggest we collect Geekbench results for all available CPU types at the same clock speed. We can use 2.4 GHz for Intel and AMD CPUs. So we can compare all...