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  1. R

    Question XeonX5670

    Very, very happy with this old computer. Runs every game i'd want, at the resolution I want. I used to build a new computer every 2 years, but haven't again since I built this 8 years ago. Looking for some ideas for slight upgrades? You can get cards to upgrade the SATA? Xeon X5670 (@2.93...
  2. Shellls

    Disappearing Memory

    I have a dell xps x58 motherboard with an alienware bios flashed onto it as detailed in this thread: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/westmere-xeon-upgrade-project.2463698/ Yesterday I opened task manager to see that old 8 of my 12 GB of ram was showing up, but when I checked in cpu-z all 12...
  3. SeanGorry

    X58 ECC Ram?

    I am building a budget CAD/FEA/Gaming machine. I have a Xeon E5649 (six core 2.5Ghz Base), and a MSI X58 PRO-E (MS-7522 V3.1) motherboard. The Xeon supports ECC DDR3 1333Mhz , but there is no info about ECC in the manual. Would ECC ram (PC3-10600R) work,or is the mobo lacking the extra...