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  1. C

    Windows detected a hard disk problem

    (note: i am running Windows 8.1 Pro on a Lenovo Thinkpad W540) several days ago i received a blue screen of death and my computer restarted. upon restart my computer acted like a new system (received the “let’s get you started” message, etc.), and though my data and programs were all intact my...
  2. M

    New OS: HDD has to be formated before use!

    Hello everyone! I have three hard drives in my PC: C:\ - My OS and programms are on this drives D:\ - My data is stored on this drives G:\ - My games are on this drive I regulary make Images/Backups of my PC for the case that it goes unstable or I want to try out stuff. So recently I wanted to...
  3. K

    Suddenly slow wireless internet speeds on just one laptop.

    Since two weeks I'm experiencing slow speeds on my laptop, the speeds of my other laptops are fine tho. Speedtest result of this laptop: Speedtest result of my other laptop: I'm not sure why this laptop...
  4. M

    Tools like SetFSB for Windows 8.1

    I have a proprietary motherboard which means I can't overclock through BIOS, back on Windows 7, I used SetFSB to overclock to 3GHz. Unfortunately on 7, my graphics drivers crashed, so I upgraded to 10. 10 ran awfully so I then went to 8.1. Unfortunately, SetFSB doesn't work on Windows 8.1, so...
  5. rfsapiens

    USB Optical Mouse not recognized error 28 Windows 8.1

    Hello people, I have a Hp pavilion 15-E003 laptop with Windows 8.1 and from since some weeks ago I can use my usb optical mouse or any other mouses. Everything works fine in all my usb ports except the mice. I tried almost everything so far... -going to bios / uefi and disable xhci mode -...