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    Question Need help getting into old computer

    Hi all! I’ve done extensive research on this issue, and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I’m trying to get into my old computer so I can access old photos and what not. So, here is my issue.. 1. I forgot the password to my windows 8 toshiba computer. The password is not connected to my...
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    WIN 8 doesn't recognize second, third...etc. partitions

    I "installed" (not live) a Linux O.S. to the second partition of a pendrive. I've since found out WINdows does not recognize second or third partitions on a pendrive. By now, is there some way to work-around this obvious failure of WINdows? The second partition did not have a partition...
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    New OS: HDD has to be formated before use!

    Hello everyone! I have three hard drives in my PC: C:\ - My OS and programms are on this drives D:\ - My data is stored on this drives G:\ - My games are on this drive I regulary make Images/Backups of my PC for the case that it goes unstable or I want to try out stuff. So recently I wanted to...
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    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, I need your help urgently in trying to figure out this installation issue; I'm somewhat knowledgeable at computers, but still lack a lot of info. So I have an ASUS laptop Model-X552L and I order a new hard drive for it because every time I booted the computer the ASUS logo just kept...