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    Fresh rig windows 10 install freezes during startup

    I just built a brand new pc. i7 9700k corsair 3000mhz cl15 2x8gb msi gtx 1080 gaming 8g x FD design define s MSI MPG Z390 Gaming pro carbon ac 2x FD included fans, 1x noctua nf a14 fan noctua nh d15 2xnfa15 fans seasonic prime ultra titanium 750w wd black 2tb, some old samsung 1,5tb crucial...
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    M.2 drive not visible in Bios

    So I finally got an ssd drive. I got an M.2 500gb Samsung 970 EVO. I installed all the drivers (don't know the name off the top of my head) and migrated with the Samsung utility rebooted but it booted into the old hard drive. I rebooted and pressed f8 and launched into my ssd. I got a blue...
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    Can't boot off RocketRAID 2720SGL Windows 10 Pro GYGABITE MOBO

    Please help me. I have a GYGABITE mother board (don't remember model number) with dualboot UEFI/Legacy BIOS. The board has SATA2, SATA3, and two WHITE SATA 6Gbps ports. I have RocketRAID 2720SGL installed and it is connected to a 5 bay hard drive caddy. All 5 bays are populated with 6TB...