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  1. ehume

    Why is LightRoom so slow?

    My daughter recently installed LightRoom 6 to handle the RAW files (24+ MB each!) from a Canon Rebel 7Ti. The system has an i7 4790k with 16GB RAM and a GTX 970 graphics card. The OS drive is a 1st gen 750GB Samsung SSD. IIRC it is an 840 EVO, slightly more than 2/3 full. The OS is Win 10. She...
  2. J

    New PC, dead motherboard?

    Just had someone build my pc TODAY. Crashed while playing a game, now my system is stuck on auto repair no matter how much I reboot it and unplug the power or kbm or Ethernet. Parts are new but maybe something might still be defunct. Parts: I'm actually...
  3. smirk

    Windows 10 perpetually fails to install KB4052623 every 10 mins (Solved)

    Hi, my Windows 10 machine has been unable to install KB4052623 (Update for Windows Defender antimalware platform) for a couple weeks now. Every 10 minutes it retries and fails. I'm at my wit's end and have no idea how to fix this, as there doesn't seem to be a way to uninstall and reinstall...
  4. ehume

    Win 10 build 1709 and .Net 3.5

    My computer suffered a breakdown: it could not see its C: drive. Now, on other machines I could see it and its directory structure just fine. So I recued the file with my work in it, and did a clean intallof Win 10-64. Now MS wanted to update the OS. OK. Runs just fine now. I tried to install...
  5. grigory

    How to avoid black screen instead of a Desktop in Windows 10?

    Hello! Just recently I have experienced an unpleasant thing, namely Black screen after start up and login screen in W10. I had to re-install everything. So now I wonder how can I avoid this thing in the future. Is there anything I could do about it?
  6. K

    No login option after restarting my pc

    I have a nasty virus I'm trying to deal with so I switched to safe mode then restarted my laptop. My pc started but the usual login option is gone. There's no way for me to sign in. I tried different keyboard combinations but nothing. I attached a picture to show you what I mean, hope it helps...
  7. R

    Installing two operating systems (OEM) on the same computer.

    My laptop came with Win 8 single language (OEM), I recently upgraded it to Win 10 Home single language. Now my work requires me to install Win 8.1 Professional or Windows 7 Professional. Can I keep my current Windows 10 Home SL (OEM) and install Windows 8.1 Professional (OEM) in my computer on...
  8. SeanGorry

    GTX 1060

    Installed a MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X today, booted fine and all that. Went to download drivers, and this: I also tried the version before that one. Would the Win 10 anniversary update be causing this?