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  1. A

    Question Fluid spilled in notebook

    Hello all!:) I have a new XMG Neo 15 notebook. Tuesday at around 10 p.m. I spilled tea on my desk, on the bottom left of the fan and under the notebook. Probably nothing came on the keyboard. I dried the whole thing with a paper tissue as best I could, but turned the notebook over to see how...
  2. G

    Water softener recommendation required

    We moved to Bay Area, California and our water from CalWater is horrible. Very hard and smells too. We are thinking of getting whole house water softener: 1. Kinetico 2. EcoWater 3. Puronics 4. Clearion 5. Culligan Any idea about these brands? They range from $3500 to $7000 including an...
  3. A

    Water leak but no visible water

    Last month my water my water bill doubled. Come home checked the meter and it was moving. From my calculations is leaking almost 20 gallons an hour yet there is no visible water in the yard or in the home. My water district swears it is a toilet leak and “it’s not that big of a leak” Even...
  4. Jaskalas

    Water War? Ethiopia building large dam on the Nile

    I'll preface this by saying water scarcity is a very real thing. Clean water, that is. And in our life times it will become a major issue again. The 20th century may have revolutionized the distribution of water across entire continents, but as our population grows we'll still surpass our limits...
  5. P

    Maintenance cost of a water filter

    Hi, I need to get a bit insight on the maintenance cost of water filters including carbon, RO and RO +UV+UF. I have to buy the filter based on its yearly maintenance cost. Also which manufacturer provides maximum warranty and excellent after sales service? Thank you in advance.
  6. M

    How to Clean Light Algal Buildup?

    So, I either didn't put in enough biocide, or some natural light was hitting a tube somewhere over the course of the last 8 months, but I recently noticed some light green buildup on the inside of my water-cooling hardware. I won't be able to completely tear down the system for at least another...
  7. EXCellR8

    Rebuilding Older 12V DDC Pump

    Has anyone successfully rebuilt or reconditioned a DDC style pump? I was going to chuck one of the units I had lying around, left over from a highly flawed AIO system. I think it started to get loud until it eventually seized up and I nearly cooked my six core legacy i7 a few years ago. I am...
  8. twelfth

    GOP Votes to End Rule Stopping Coal Debris From Being Dumped in Streams

    It's starting to happen. The GOP is engaging in a recklessness that will cause damage that cant be undone in another election cycle. http://time.com/4657438/congressional-republicans-environmental-regulations-coal-streams/ It's the first in a series of actions to reverse environmental...
  9. superstition

    Glycol concentration MUST be >20% warns expert

    I've seen a lot of different posts in forums with different concentration suggestions for glycols. It's common to see people say 10% and 15%. This source says something quite surprising and alarming: link This is the first I've heard of glycol molecules disintegrating from not having an...