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water cooling

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    Question Wasted 300 dollars plz help

    So I bought a thermal take all in one liquid cooling kit. But it doesn’t come with the fittings needed. It comes with 2 80 degree angle fittings. And the tubing is 16mm OD. I’m SO confused on fittings. I’ve bought and returned 3 sets already. I get compression fittings. But then how do you...
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    Question All in one closed loop WC maintenance

    Have a Swiftech H240X closed loop CPU cooler. First installed about a year and a half ago. Am noticing a couple tiny algae growths in reservoir. I only use my system on weekends. When should I do a complete coolant replace? Is it simply at regular time intervals or does it have anything to do...
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    I am planning out a water cooling build, and I would like some advice. It has been maybe 10 years since I last made a water cooled build. These are my components: Thermaltake Core P3 case AMD Ryzen 5 2600 ASRock Fatal1ty x470 Gaming K4 EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 8GB FTW Gaming EK monoblock for cpu...
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    CPU temperature spiking to 100 suddenly

    Hi there, I'm facing a weird problem with my PC where the CPU temperature spikes up to 90-100 degrees all of sudden. I've i5 6600k with Gigabyte Gaming & mother board. It's got Corsair H100i V2 liquid cooler. The problem occurred first yesterday when I was working on my PC and I see the red LED...
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    Case & water cooling for Poseidon 1080 Ti

    Doing a build in need of some recommendations: Splurged on an Asus 34" PG348Q and Poseidon 1080 Ti. Was originally considering the Corsair Air 540 or Fractal Node 804 but I think I'll stick to a tower case, something shorter than my Carbide 500R, with tempered glass. This one looks pretty good...
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    Water cooling vs. Fan cooling.

    So I'm new to water cooling and working on building my first pc. I Like the idea of water cooling and I think it looks cool. But a little confused on the practicality of it I guess. I know that water cooling is usually used on the cpu, but I have read about the water cooling unit being used on...
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    What about a desk case?

    Hello! I want to build a system for my office. Initially, I was looking for a PC case, but two things: #1 - I don't ever use pens and paper, and desks with lols of drawers is a waste. #2 - I have limited space. #3 - I wanted one system for my video use and one system to act as my database server...
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    How can I build a silent system where (PWM) fans stop spinning on low temps?

    I recently stumbled on silentmaxx.de and the silent PCs they offer and thought about doing a budget DIY thing like they do. When I get a big ass CPU Air cooler like the Alpenföhn Olymp does the fan really need to spin when I am just surfing the web? Maybe I need a even bigger cooler like they...
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    Hybrid water cooling kit for upper SLI card?

    As many newbies I didn't listen and didn't buy the Founder's edition of the 1080 for SLI use (which blows the air out of the case), but the EVGA FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 with the typical custom dual-fan design. Of course, my upper card (1 slot gap) runs 10-20 °C hotter than the lower one during heavy...