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    Alternative modem for the Asus AC68U?

    I recently purchased the Asus RT-AC68U to replace my old Verizon Fios Actiontec M1424. I turned my Actiontec into a modem bridge but unfortunately there is bottleneck and a few issues. Whenever I'm downloading games on my PC, which uses Ethernet. All the WiFi clients are slowed down by a...
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    I have a joint in my wan cable can that affect anything

    so the cable which comes in my home has a joint(cut and then joined using tape) so will that affect anything? my wifi router doesnt work due to that (internet guy said) my internet speeds are slowed (same) the internet guy said to change the cable should i change the cable or is he trying to...
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    Fortinet Fortigate 110C failover problem

    Hello; I've been working in a new company since two weeks ago and my boss told me that I need to be in charge of the networking part as well (the company is small). But the last technician didn't left any network topology nor any other network related info. I've been investigating and we have...