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  1. G

    Will Windows Mixed Reality work with Nvidia 1050ti for entry level games

    Hello, I have Acer Predator Helios 300 with 1050ti i5 8th gen config. I want to purchase a VR controller for some entry-level games (like Beat Saber...) Will the VR work with my specs? Thanks in advance!
  2. K

    Cases that are best for VR? Good to have HDMI port on the front?

    I am finally getting into VR this winter (purchased a Samsung Odyssey) and next I need to get the PC to run it. I am likely going with a pre-built this time round. Since the VR headset needs to connect to a USB 3.0 + an HDMI 2.0 outputs, I was thinking that the best solution would be for the...
  3. Presper

    Should a eGPU be used to make a laptop VR ready?

    I've recently bought a Rift VR headset, however when I tried to install it today the HDMI wouldn't connect to my Laptop. I've discovered that it doesn't have a dedicated port to the graphics card, making VR impossible. So I'm wondering what eGPU would be the most cost effective and most...
  4. B

    GDC 2017: Hands-On With Microsoft’s First Windows Holographic VR Headset [UploadVR]

    https://uploadvr.com/gdc-2017-hands-on-with-microsofts-first-windows-holographic-vr-headset/ Looks pretty neat, glad to see more options
  5. B

    Microsoft Announced VR Headsets for $299 without requiring external cameras