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  1. Collider

    Question WIFI Recommendation

    What's a good WIFI system to replace something like Orbi?
  2. BlakeBang

    SlickVPN Black Friday Sale: $20/year

    Black Friday Sale 2020 SlickVPN is offering VPN at $20 per year. Advantages Of SlickVPN: -Unrestricted Access -Bypass Bandwidth Throttling -Highly Secured Been using it for a few years. One of the fastest I'd say with plenty of servers. Need some work on the app though...
  3. BlakeBang

    3 TB non-expiring Usenet blocks $12 | 6 months unlimited $15 | 2 years unlimited $50 @ Usenet Prime

    https://usenetprime.com/anniversary/ Usenet Prime's first-anniversary sale is active. 3TB non-expiring blocks $12 6 months unlimited $15 2 years unlimited $50
  4. BlakeBang

    1 TB Usenet Block for $7 @ Newsgroup Direct Terabyte Tuesday

    https://newsgroupdirect.com/member/billing/?planid=138&deal=MHzn98SNkdl24jjd NGD's popular Terabyte Tuesday sale is live. 1TB blocks on sale for $7. Good through Thursday!
  5. BlakeBang

    Unlimited Usenet + VPN $3/mo, $7.5/3 mo, $29.95/12 mo, 2TB $13 @NewsDemon 15th Anniversary Special Week Two!

    https://premium.newsdemon.com/usenet_anniversary/ $29.95 for 12 months Unlimited Access + VPN $3/Month for Unlimited Access + VPN 2TB Block for $13 (non-expiring) $7.50 for 3 months Unlimited Access + VPN
  6. BlakeBang

    Unlimited Usenet $15 for 7 months, $29.95/year, $3/month, 1TB Block $7 @ Newsdemon 15th Anniversary sale

    https://premium.newsdemon.com/usenet_anniversary/ Unlimited Usenet $29.95/year Unlimited monthly $3/month 1TB Block $7
  7. BlakeBang

    Unlimited Usenet $30 yearly, 1TB block $8, 3TB block $20 @ UsenetPrime Spring Sale

    UsenetPrime spring sale is active: https://usenetprime.com/spring-special/ Prime Unlimited - $30 yearly unlimited 1TB block - $8 3TB block - $20
  8. B

    How can a website identify me if I'm using a VPN and an alternative log in?

    I recently had an account banned by over zealous moderators on a website - lots of people have suffered the same fate after disagreeing with their new policy of profit over community. I'd been with the site for a long time and lost a lot of contacts etc but decided I'd set up a skeleton account...
  9. BlakeBang

    Unlimited Usenet $19/month, 1 TB Block $7, 4 TB $19 + Free VPN @ Newsdemon Holidays Sale

    https://premium.newsdemon.com/new-years-usenet-2019/ Includes free VPN access: Unlimited Usenet $19/month 1 TB Block $7 4 TB $19
  10. EXCellR8

    OpenVPN Revisited, Still Not Working

    Installed OpenVPN on my Untangle router at home and exported the profile/keys but I still cannot connect to it from my workplace. When I go to connect it just hangs up and never actually goes through. I have a couple of questions, though... So, say my Untangle router at home is behind a TP link...
  11. S

    Redirect port for a other vps ?

    Hello people, I am new on this forum, i go to post here a question so this is my question, I have actually 2 VPS server with Linux Ubuntu, with my company application, so the question is how can i redirect the request port on server N1 (This is the name for the 1st server) to a server N2...
  12. Sean Kyle

    The Cyber week vpn offer with advanced features in a low price. Can anyone help?

    I just found this offer up from PureVPN which has a lot of other things in their package other than the standard VPN thingy that they have. It is a bit surprising for me considering the fact that they are offering antivirus, ad blocker, url filter and IPS & IDS along with everything which their...
  13. Sean Kyle

    People who put people above money!

    I have been going through a lot of posts and tweets lately and I came across with 2 huge VPN brands who actually voiced against the authorities even though we all know that their demand is definitely high because of this sh*t and it is actually benefiting their businesses. But they have put...
  14. Sean Kyle

    Need some help with Kodi and Openvpn!

    I'm not sure whether it is the right place for this. Please correct me if I'm wrong. My friend has got Kodi and he wants me to setup VPN on it. I personally use a premium vpn but I ain't willing to set it up on it. So I looked for a way out and here's what i have found: Open Kodi Go to SYSTEM...
  15. F

    AdvancedTomato: Asus 56U Leds not Blinking?

    Hi there, i just got this new router and the lights used to blink. However, after installing shibby tomato and then advanced tomato, only the Power LED is ON. All of them are off. None are blinking. Using: gpio disable 1 .... all the way to.... gpio disable 20 turns the lights on except the...
  16. M

    VPN connection established but no access to remote internet

    Hey there, I'm fiddling around with my VPN setup since a couple of weeks and I somehow ran out of ideas how to troubleshot it. So maybe there are smart people reading this forum, helping me to find out what's wrong. so here's my setup: I set up a VPN server on a AWS instance based on this...
  17. Sean Kyle

    PureVPN Halloween Sale: 2 Years Subscription in the price of 1 ($60/2yrs)

    Just found this out and it seemed pretty nice to me. Here's the link to their offer and more details: https://www.purevpn.com/halloween
  18. J

    VPN for China

    As the title implies, I am looking for a VPN that allows smooth and uninterrupted access to all Google services on an android phone, windows laptop and an android tablet. Something that allows streaming video services to work as well would be appreciated. My work depends a lot on internet...
  19. G

    Virtual Credit Card to bypass restriction

    Hi Everyone! I'm using a vpn to access a site located in Germany, which is normally geoblocked (I'm in Italy). The problem is when I'm going to pay for the subscription to the streaming service of the site, it does not accept my credit card. It tells me to check that the "country from which...