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  1. MajinCry

    Opening old Visual Studio project with 2019, throws tons of errors with provided libraries

    Having learned Pascal and C# in order to mod Bethesda games, I'm moving onto C++ in order to create .dll files for New Vegas' script extender. But the provided Visual Studio project is of a much older version than 2019. After VS updates the old project, compiling fails spectacularly. For some...
  2. DeadlyTitan

    Is 16GB enough for Game Dev?

    I am currently on an old system with 16 GB ram, i would like to know if its enough for Game dev Programs i use will be Unity VS 2017 Monogame Tiled Photoshop Illustrator i'll be working on sprites, 2D assets, background images, tilesets, Visual Studio 2017. my system specs i7 3770(non K) H61...
  3. T

    Adding together ASCII(h) representation of bytes in a array<Byte>

    I am trying to send a message consisting of a few byte using visual studios c++. The device requires serial communication and I am using array<Byte>: The message to be send should start with 02 ASCII(h) i.e. STX. This is followed...
  4. sao123

    Advice for installing Team Foundation Server in a Workgroup?

    Planning a TFS 2017 build with SQL Server 2016 Standard. What OS should I use for this? Considering Windows 10 vs Windows Server...I don't really want to install and use or manage an Active Directory because changing the workgroup is not an option. Current setup is a 2-3 person workgroup...
  5. MajinCry

    C# (Visual Studio 2013) - Decoupling Bulk Of Code From UI?

    Figured I'd give some C# a shot, since Lazarus GUI wasn't all that pretty, and because why not. I've sort of got a nice gui going, but one thing that just murders readability, is having more-than-two lines of code in a gui event-type-thing, or whatever they're called. Me question, is how would...