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  1. Pyrrho

    Question How safe? External clean SSD with Win 10 installed -> Plugged to laptop with infected HDD

    Could someone well-versed in software security explain to me "realistic" results of the following theoretical situation? I have a laptop with win 10 infected intentionally by an average programmer to steal user's data. I also have an external SSD with Win 10, installed and set-up on a...
  2. P

    Question Virus

    Please anyone help me as soon as possible, so i was downloading something from internet, and it delivered some viruses, not it corrupted all my pc files , images, videos, setup-files, almost everything, i can't find anything to open these, like images are currupted, no way to open exe files...
  3. G

    Formating mp3/mp4 player

    I'm planning to format my mp3/mp4 player (Cowon D2+) because I suspect there is some kind of virus in it. And I worry that after formatting system disk I won't be able to turn in on, on the Internet I have found firmware update not base firmware for this model. Or could it be that firmware is...
  4. D

    Can Sigma Ransomware files be inlock?

    Got hit with Sigma Ransomware. I was able to roll back the system using restore for a few days ago but the files are still locked. If I roll back the system to an earlier date will that help or is there some way to unlock the files? Thanks
  5. G

    Looking to get a strong secure password manager and secure my PC

    Hi, I was thinking to get Lastpass but I saw that Lastpass' database has been hacked many times in the past so that's a big NO for me. What should I get that is very secure and provides good privacy? Also, is Bit Defender Total Security 2018 good nowadays? Looking to get a subscription...
  6. EXCellR8

    2 Samsung Drives, Virus Damage?

    Two of our engineers at the office are both experiencing nearly identical problems, on identical drives... so I have a theory. They work with a lot of the same clients so, is it possible, that a virus may have come through attached to an email and fried both drives by way of hijacking and...
  7. R

    What is Adobe Acrobat DC? (how did it install itself?)

    That's basically it. I don't have adobe on my I turn it on and I see an icon for Acrobat DC. I never requested it. I never approved it. What is it? I mean I have repeatedly deleted adobe worms from installing themselves into my registry and so forth...but I am pretty sure I...
  8. Jaskalas

    Puerto Rico: 'One in four will have Zika' by January

    Puerto Rico: 'One in four will have Zika' by January Bonus, it might also be a persistent STD. Meanwhile, Congress in unable to act. If it evolves into a full STD that could radically change the nature of the pandemic and leave fewer people "safe" in the long run. Especially women of child...