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  1. O

    Sharing Display over 160 meter.

    hi, I recently installed a CCTV at one office. and all the display and control was setup. now i need to share the display from the control room to the security gate which is over 160 meters. i bought HDMI/VGA splitter but was able to find only 30 meters long VGA or HDMI cable. Kindly suggest me...
  2. S

    Suggest Me the Games

    Hello guys can you tell me some supported games for my Laptop? System Info , Windows 10–64 bit, RAM-4gb DDR4 , 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U 7th Gen processor . Graphics - Intel Hd 620 (2gb) + AMD radeon R5 M330 (2gb). Which games are best to play? I mostly like Open world,racing and Rpg.
  3. N

    can i put a gtx 660 to my rig?

    mobo- Dh61ww cpu-i5 2500k ram- 2x4gb (8GB) hdd- 2 sata hard disks other - * 2 x 80 mm case fans *5 usb drives ( always working) (one usb port connected to 10 port usb hub.it connected to main power via power adaptor.) I'm currently running those components by hec raptor 500WP psu without any...
  4. P

    Is dvi-d run into vga display...

    Hello guys , I want to buy msi 1050ti gaming x 4gb. But my monitor (resolution 1366x768) had vga input only and the card output is DVI-D so can I run it some how. I learn from internet that DVI-D contains only digital signal and VGA only analog so is there any way ???? Plz help me ASAP.. Thanks...
  5. M

    No 75 hz

    Hello. I changed my GPU from 6670 to 7750, driver updated, but because my monitor support only VGA, I'm using a DVI-VGA converter. On main resolution, 1440x900 i can't use 75 hz, but on lower resolutions like something 1260x1024(960 or what) I can... Whit the old GPU, directly VGA input I...
  6. Zeeshan Chaudhry

    Dual monitor setup- 1 HDMI and 1 VGA

    I have a 1080p monitor powered by gtx 105ti It might be weird but i have a 768p monitor laying around... I want to add it cuz i frequently like changing music while gaming. My question is can i run the 768p monitor through dvi with dvi to vga converter and 1080p with Hdmi? Will it work? And...