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    Varying usb hub with DC input?

    Hey guys im looking for a usb hub with usb 2.0and 3.0 does anybody have any ideas or links?
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    Enclosure for multiple USB 3 portable hard drive

    I have many portable USB 3.0 hard drives (4) and I want to connect all of them at once to my PC. I have only 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 3.1 Type C port. Thus, I definitely need a powered hub. Here are my findings till now: 1. Powered USB 3.1 hubs are rare and I have not seen any supporting 4 USB...
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    who can test galaxy s8 type-c speed?

    galaxy s8 use ufs2.1,who can test galaxy s8 type-c speed? use usb3.0 type-c cable,computer use usb3.0 port。test read and write speed。