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  1. gradoman

    Newt Gingrich Projects Mightily

    Article Gems from the article: he claims Democrats will brainwash the entire next generation through the school system "if they can get away with it." Never mind that it's typically in red states that they omit, alter or downplay proven facts to fit their agenda. Newt claims election fraud...
  2. Baasha

    Discussion China's Military Prowess

    Not sure how many people watched the Chinese military parade but they showed off some insanely powerful weaponry. Here's the video: The one that caught my eye is the DF-41 ICBM - a hypersonic (Mach 10) ICBM with 10 nuclear warheads that can strike 10 independent targets simultaneously (MIRV)...
  3. norseamd

    Analysis 2017: North America

    This is part 1 of 2 of Analysis 2017: North America from Caspian Report.