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  1. K

    Question Help with Network setup

    So, I am looking for advice on a new network setup I am contemplating: I have relatively fast internet (1000/100) and I right now use my ISP Modem as router. I have connected a LinkSys Velop WiFi Mesh system to it (in Bridge), as well as a few LAN switches, to connect my QNAP NAS, my ReadyNAS...
  2. tgiorgis

    Question Looking for Ubiquiti XR9 radio modules

    Hi! I'm currently trying to locate some Ubiquiti XR9 radio modules. Does anyone know where I could find some? Looking for any advice or information that could help. Anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. D

    Question Guest Wireless network not working on Ubiquiti UDM Pro

    Hello Everyone, I have setup a network as defined in the below diagram. There are 2 wireless networks: Network 001 (Internal Network) Network 002 (Guest Network) with Captive Portal. (vlan 10) Both of these networks work fine at Location 001, however Guest Network does not get an IP address at...
  4. EXCellR8

    UniFi AP's w/ Untangle Router @ home, Not Working Properly

    Alright, so this has been driving me to near madness for almost a week now. Long story short, we upgraded all of our equipment to Sonicwall at the office so I took the old Ubiquiti access points home since nobody wanted them. There's 2 UniFi AP-AC Lites and 1 AP-AC Long Range (LR) w/ PoE...