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Forum discussion tagged with turboboost.
  1. FlameTail

    Question How does Turbo Boost affect single core performance?

    https://nanoreview.net/en/cpu-compare/intel-core-i9-12900k-vs-amd-ryzen-9-5950x On Cinebench R23 the Core i9 12900K scores around 2000 points. Simular story on geekbench. The i9 12900K has a single core turbo boost of 5.2 GHz. So I assume that the above 2000 points were achieved with 5.2 GHz...
  2. DeadlyTitan

    i7 8700 on stock cooler, Can it turbo?

    So initially i wanted to use my salvaged Hyper 212 Evo on my i7 8700, but one of my nephews lost the mounting screws and other little stuff that come with the box, making the cooler useless since i cannot mount it. I tried buying them on but they seem to cost as much as new cooler so i was...
  3. thepaleobiker

    What is the maximum all-core Boost Clock on i5 7500 ?

    The Kaby Lake i5 7500 has base clock of 3.4 GHz and maximum Boost Clock of 3.8 GHz : I'm assuming the 3.8 GHz is for a single core : What is the max all-core boost for the i5 7500 ? I cant seem to find this information anywhere...