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  1. D

    Solved! How to get Toshiba (32AV500U) with optical audio into my Vizio sound bar?

    I have a Toshiba (32AV500U) and when I connect my sound bar through the optical cable I can't hear any sound coming out of of the sound bar. It says it is set to PCM however it is grayed out and I can't change it. Well I at lest haven't figured out how to change it. I am using HDMI for video...
  2. B

    Connectin an m.2 to recover data

    Hi, I have an M.2 256gb SSD from Toshiba (model THNSNJ256GVNU, exactly like this one) which I must connect to a computer to recover data from. My computer does not have a M.2 connector, so I looked for an adapter. I've just bought an Akasa M.2 SSD to PCIe adapter card, connected to a PCIe 2.0...
  3. jsimenhoff

    You Can Win a Toshiba SSD With Our Latest Giveaway

    We have a brand new giveaway lined up for the AnandTech community, courtesy of our friends at Toshiba. We teamed up with Toshiba to bring you a giveaway for four brand new SSDs. Up for grabs this time are two units each of the external OCZ XS700 and the internal OCZ RC100. Boost your speed and...
  4. I

    Toshiba l645 motherboard Replacement

    Hello to everyone :D, I am glad to have joined this community, as my first post I would like to be helped with a compatibility doubt. I have a Toshiba l645 motheboard with model being A0000733901B023132W , also at the back of the heatsink says Hannstar DA0TE2MB6G0. I would like to know if its...
  5. jsimenhoff

    SSD Giveaway with OCZ Storage, Enter Now!

    Is your rig getting a little slow? Have a build that could use an upgrade? Time to replace that aging hard disk drive with a brand new SSD! We teamed up with our friends at OCZ Storage to present our AnandTech readers a trio of 3 Toshiba SSD prizes! Want to win a new SSD? Read on. In this...
  6. hojnikb

    Guess TLC isn't good for storage after all

    So earlier this year i bought a cheap flash drive (8GB) with toshiba 15nm TLC flash and AlcorMicro AU6989SN-GTA flash controller. Curious to see how well it fares with read degradation, i've filled it up with h2wtest test data and ran a speed test. This was the result After 48 days it looks...