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  1. Jaskalas

    AT Xen2.0 Stylus (Addon) Themes

    CSS Changes for Custom Anandtech Xenforo Forum Themes Theme Modification 2.0 New Forum Software means new themes! I am re-posting a new version of a years old topic, with themes specifically for this current version of the forums. Older themes no longer work, and/or are entirely broken. We...
  2. FeuerFrei

    Preferred theme mysteriously deselected

    On logging in today, I was reverted back to the default forum style/theme. Horrors. :anguished: My user preference has been In A Forum Darkly. I have not manually deleted cookies. This is the second time this has happened since the new themes were concocted. Why did the user preferences get...
  3. Jaskalas

    Stylus (Addon) Forum Themes

    OUTDATED, no longer working. For Xenforo 2.0 Themes, try the new thread.