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  1. M

    Team Dark Pro 32GB Memory Overclocking Analysis and Review

    In recent months consumers have seen Samsung based DDR4 prices steadily increasing and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. However, I am happy to report to you today that there is hope. In the overclocking world, Samsung B-Die based memory modules have become ubiquitous with...
  2. petrusbroder

    Wow, what a revival of the DC-forum!

    Some two years ago, or even less, this forum vas a much less lively place than it is now. The technical discussions were scarce, the fighting spirit also and the TeAm's participation in races was ... poor. OK, when we participated we did reasonably good, but we did not participate in so many...
  3. EpicSurvivor

    Just a friendly invite to come join the "BreakingRust" Server (Rust)

    We are looking for players to come join us on the "BreakingRust" Server. We have an upcoming wipe 3/2/17. USA Server! All players are welcome, no age, language restrictions. So Come Play with us at "BreakingRust" Servers! Farm, Dominate, Conquer, Survive! This is the Official Website...