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    Asrock taichi x399 stuck in BIOS while updating from usb

    Hello everyone hope ill get some solution , Asrock taichi x399 was not showing any sign or display and all chassis fan was not working first so i tried to remove CMOS battery and fan started working but gpu fan was running like jet engine at full speed and no display at all no beep , so i...
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    Ryzen 1200 system restarting after overclocking

    So i built a new ryzen based PC with specs as follows. Ryzen 1200 Asrock b350 pro4 Zotac GTX 1060 3GB AMP Zion 8GB DDR4 Ram Seagate 2TB HDD Corsair VS550 It boots up and works fine unitl i oc the cpu. I tried various combinations like 3.8ghz 1.32v and 1.33v, 3.7ghz 1.3v but the pc won't start...