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  1. D

    Question Any good Steam game suggestions?

    I'm looking for FPS shooter games that are like Call of Duty. However, I want something that's a bit different, but in the same criteria.
  2. FlameTail

    Can someone help me find a good laptop under $1000 with the following features ?

    So I am looking to buy a good laptop under $1000 with the following ■Features I NEED: I cant live without these. My laptop definitely needs to have them! ☆Atleast 1080p screen. ☆NVMe SSD ☆Screen Size 13-16 inch ☆AMD CPU with minimum 6 cores ☆Good Build Quality ☆Good Durability and Reliability...
  3. B

    Question Need Help For Buying Display | Need Suggestion also |

    Hi, I have also MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X 6GB Graphic Card which have 3x Display port(1.4) and 1x HDMI(2.0). I'm planning to buy a Monitor which have Display port 1.2v. Does it work with 1.4 to 1.2 monitor? Can i get 144hz over HDMI 2.0? Here is My Monitor. Acer 144hz Variant: Nitro 23.8 inch Full...
  4. 1

    Question What is the fastest RAM type for HP 800 G1 SFF computer? (i5 4590 3.3 GHZ, 860 EVO SAMSUNG SSD disk, INTEL HD 4600 GPU, 240 W PSU...) I am looking for info which RAM would be fully compatible with my computer and (very) fast for games. I do not know...
  5. P

    Question Need Help For My First Build | AMD R7 2700 | 1060 6 GB

    I need suggetion and Help my New Build: Here is My Configuration which i want to buy. confused to selection buy Case(Cabinet). My Spec:- CPU: AMD - Ryzen 7 2700 3.2 GHz 8-Core Processor (Item model number :- YD2700BBAFBOX) with Included Components : Processor, CPU Cooler Motherboard: Gigabyte...
  6. D

    HELP: card compatibility and choices

    Hello, guys. I hope this isn't against the rules (as I didn't see anything on that), but I need help. My video card (and PSU) died the other day, and while the PSU (Seasonic 750W) was at the very end of its 5-year warranty period (Seasonic is awesome) and was replaced, the card was not. This...
  7. P

    Maintenance cost of a water filter

    Hi, I need to get a bit insight on the maintenance cost of water filters including carbon, RO and RO +UV+UF. I have to buy the filter based on its yearly maintenance cost. Also which manufacturer provides maximum warranty and excellent after sales service? Thank you in advance.
  8. S

    Suggest Me the Games

    Hello guys can you tell me some supported games for my Laptop? System Info , Windows 10–64 bit, RAM-4gb DDR4 , 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U 7th Gen processor . Graphics - Intel Hd 620 (2gb) + AMD radeon R5 M330 (2gb). Which games are best to play? I mostly like Open world,racing and Rpg.
  9. P

    External HDD suggestions - or build my own?

    Hi, I am currently looking to buy an external HDD (1TB). My requirements are -primary backup (all kinds of files) -is possible, would like to use on both PC+Mac(probably not possible unless I format, right ?) -don't want to use external power source -reliability (could sacrifice a little bit of...
  10. W

    Are Gaming Chairs the most overrated gaming products or not? Let's get it over with!

    A lot of my friends go for $1000 or $3000 gaming chairs, which serve the same purpose as a normal gaming chair. Which comes down to my question that isn't they the most overrated products out there or does they serve a real purpose? Kindly share your thoughts with me.
  11. S

    How can I upgrade my computer to maximize gaming performance?

    Currently using a GTX 1080TI, but want to make sure the rest of my computer is up to date! Processor is a Intel core I7 4790k and my motherboard is MSI Z97 GAMING 5. About to get myself a HTC Vive so want to make sure nothing will be bottle necked. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
  12. V

    Seasonic S12G 550w or S12II 520w?

    Need a recommendation between Seasonic S12G 550w (80+ Gold) vs S12II 520W (80+ Bronze) PSUs. I don't game. This will be used for Photoshop and 3ds max work with Photoshop running most of the time. I don't plan for an extreme overclock or multi gpu setup. Will mostly buy a Vega based GPU once...
  13. C

    Good PC Build?

    Hi, I've recently decided to embark on a quest to build my first gaming pc. This being said, don't think I don't my way around one; I've done quite a bit of research. As it a starter build I've been wondering whether these are good specs to go with, and if I can get more bang for my buck. Here...