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    [H] Mechanical Keyboard issues

    I've got 2 separate kb with different issues. First one, which I am actually using right now with seemingly no problems is a razer blackwidow rz03-0039 . (The oldschool one I think.) With cherry mx blues The main issue it has is that the cord is weakened and shorting. Like kinda how a...
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    Windows 10 occasionally stuck on login image

    Once every 10 boot or so, my windows 10 would get stuck on the picture before you press enter and input the password to login to desktop. It just doesn't respond to the enter key. I can still click on the small icons at the bottom right to go to sleep mode/ restart/shutdown or check the internet...
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    Alternate solution to Windows 7 update stuck OR not-working

    The solution (for me) in a nutshell: install KB3050265 / reboot / install KB3135445 / reboot I wrote all of the below before I saw the "Fix for windows 7 update" sticky here on Anandtech. I'm going to post anyways to relate what worked for me. It's an alternate fix. As I say below one of the...