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  1. jsimenhoff

    You Can Win a Toshiba SSD With Our Latest Giveaway

    We have a brand new giveaway lined up for the AnandTech community, courtesy of our friends at Toshiba. We teamed up with Toshiba to bring you a giveaway for four brand new SSDs. Up for grabs this time are two units each of the external OCZ XS700 and the internal OCZ RC100. Boost your speed and...
  2. P

    Windows Software RAID and Storage Space with Two ST4000DM004 HDDs

    So, with a great Boxing Day sale on Seagate 4TB Barracuda drives (105 CAD, ST4000DM004), I finally made the plunge to have some redundant storage by buying two. I did google "research" on ways to get it done and figured there were two good ways: Windows software RAID 1 and Microsoft Storage...