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  1. B

    System crashing due to # of RAM sticks????

    So...lately my computer has started to crash. The symptom is a blue screen given about an unrecoverable error that will randomly happen. When it happens, it happens every time I reboot. It is the same or similar screen I get when I overclock the memory or CPU too much. My System: ASRock X99...
  2. superstition

    6700K at 1.15V -- should I bother with offset?

    I am setting up a VR-centric ITX system for a friend and wanted to try undervolting to see if I can reduce temperature under load. I tried various reductions and ended at 1.15 (with level 2 LLC in the AsRock Gaming ITX/AC board and Corsair H90). I've read that using the offset voltage is more...
  3. postmortemIA

    Visiontek 7850 dead?

    Hi, I was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and in middle of loading scene, screen froze. Then I've press the reset button, but I was not successful to get Windows to boot up ever again with it. It just freezes up after initial Windows logo. Since I had dual boot, I've tried to boot to Win 10...