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  1. Lost_in_the_HTTP

    Save, Pay Down, or Buy?

    Chances are we'll get at least one more Eagle Drop. Not sure after that. I could save or invest it, but not the best option. I could pay down a loan. Won't be enough to pay it off, but will knock several months off the end of it. I need a few things like a Fridge and Oven/Range, so I could...
  2. ultimatebob

    So, ATOT, what are you planning on spending the 3rd round of Coronabucks on?

    With Joe Biden pushing for another round of Coronavirus stimulus checks, I guess that now is a good time to think about how to spend that $1,400 if you happen to live in the US and aren't making over $100K a year. The last stimulus payment landed in my bank account in early January, so it just...