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  1. B

    New Ryzen build stability issues

    Hi guys, Just built my new Ryzen 5 1600 system and it's fast and all however I'm getting hangs and random BSODs with the system (even with settings on auto). Some of the errors include -kernel security check failure (Often - during computer startup / crashes) -DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION...
  2. bob4432

    Asus RT-N66U Firmware Upgrade

    Looking to upgrade the firmware on my old but trusty Asus RT-N66U, currently running a firmware that is 2 updates old due to stability results I have read online regarding the newer Asus firmwares. I have thought about switching to ASUSWRT Merlin as the stock firmware works well, well at least...
  3. superstition

    Z170 RAM expertise needed (trying to get stability)

    (Please don't invoke the debate about the gains to be found from faster DDR4. I want to focus specifically on getting stability in a speed range of 3200–3600 and need specific, clear, data-driven info. Thanks!) I am setting up a computer system for a friend and bought a 16 GB (2 X 8) EVGA 3200...