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    Question SSD Performance question.

    OK, first off let me apologize for the blurry pics. I'm getting older and taking a photo of my monitor so combined with shaky hands it's not the best, but you can make it out LOL. I ran CrystalDisk Mark8 on my laptop pre and post SSD swap. I went from a Samsung 860 EVO to a PNY CS900. The new...
  2. C

    Question Upgrade ASUS motherboard

    I have an ASUS Z87-C motherboard with intel i7-4770 CPU and thinking to upgrade to a latest motherboard that supports M2 NVMe SSD. Is it possible to just upgrade the motherboard and use the same processor and other components? My power pack is 550W. Does this worth an upgrade just the...
  3. jsimenhoff

    Giveaway! Seagate Ironwolf SSD NAS #RunWithIronWolf

    We have a massive NAS competition underway, and yes, we're talking terabytes. Up for grabs is the QNAP TS-932X NAS enclosure, Seagate IronWolf PRO 16TB HDD, and the IronWolf 110 SSD. Run with the biggest and the fastest. Seagate IronWolf drives provide 28% more capacity and up to 25% more speed...
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    Question Does HP EX920 512GB NVMe is compatible with ASUS X99 EWS mother board?

    which one is better Samsung PM961 512GB or HP EX920 512GB? I am thinking of buying HP EX920 512GB, i just want to know if it is compatible with my mother board X99 E WS having 3404 Bios version.
  5. jsimenhoff

    Intel Optane AMA - Starts Wednesday at 11am

    Intel Optane AMA with the Intel Optane Team AnandTech is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community Series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Wednesday, September 26th through Thursday, September 27th the Intel Optane Team will join us in a live AMA on the AnandTech Memory and Storage...
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    You Can Win a Toshiba SSD With Our Latest Giveaway

    We have a brand new giveaway lined up for the AnandTech community, courtesy of our friends at Toshiba. We teamed up with Toshiba to bring you a giveaway for four brand new SSDs. Up for grabs this time are two units each of the external OCZ XS700 and the internal OCZ RC100. Boost your speed and...
  7. jsimenhoff

    SSD Giveaway with OCZ Storage, Enter Now!

    Is your rig getting a little slow? Have a build that could use an upgrade? Time to replace that aging hard disk drive with a brand new SSD! We teamed up with our friends at OCZ Storage to present our AnandTech readers a trio of 3 Toshiba SSD prizes! Want to win a new SSD? Read on. In this...
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    240GB SSD Recommendations?

    I have a secondary computer that is ready for an SSD Upgrade. The last SSD I bought for my main computer is a PNY and I've been very happy with it. PNY CS1311 240GB 2.5” SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - (SSD7CS1311-240-RB) Or this drive...