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  1. Vattila

    Discussion Speculation: Zen 4 (EPYC 4 "Genoa", Ryzen 7000, etc.)

    Except for the details about the improvements in the microarchitecture, we now know pretty well what to expect with Zen 3. The leaked presentation by AMD Senior Manager Martin Hilgeman shows that EPYC 3 "Milan" will, as promised and expected, reuse the current platform (SP3), and the system...
  2. Vattila

    Speculation: Spring refresh for Ryzen

    As I've posted elsewhere, I think AMD fell short of their frequency targets for the Ryzen 3000 series. A later launch than expected, statements relating to frequency challenges, Max Boost redefinition, boost issues, 3900X shortages, and now the 3950X delay from September to November, do all...