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    How do I mark my "Question" post "Solved"?

    I just recently noticed some posts are marked "Solved". Unrelated: Are there rules against cross-posting? I read, like all, the stickies.
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    5 year old PC started micro-freezing twice per second

    An older PC I have has just started acting up. I moved it from my office to another room, I connected it to a different monitor (it's a TV) and a different USB keyboard, and that’s about all I did. Before this, I had no issues in 5 years. Now, it jitters about twice per second. It’s pretty...
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    Computer shutting down during gameplay (possible overheat?)

    Hello all, Recently my computer started shutting down during gameplay. It isn't the most demanding game (DotA 2), but it happens only when I play it. Less demanding games and everyday Windows use works normally. After 5-10 minutes, computer will turn on itself and go into Windows with no...